Welcome to the Tree Domestication Team

The Tree Domestication Team is a recent initiative (March 2007) to join forces in the areas of tree domestication, forest genetic resources and agroforestry. Our joint  experience has been developed primarily through work on genetic diversity in tropical farms and forests.

Our joint experience can offer ‘critical mass’ in our subject area and a balance of strategic, applied and theoretical knowledge gathered from experience across a wide range of geographic locations in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Our work experience lies in research and development, including in private enterprise development; areas covered include the design and implementation of participatory research methodologies to policy development and commercially viable business enterprises.

Team members and areas of special interest are: 
Dr Ir Ard Lengkeek:   Biodiesel value chains (Jatropha), private enterprise development, farmer organisational structures, Access and Benefit Sharing arrangements, participatory research on tree biodiversity management and the link with HIV/AIDS, and medicinal trees.
Dr Ian Dawson:   Development of genetic resource management plans incorporating molecular characterisation approaches, tree seed production and supply systems, the history of human tree management in the tropics; and theoretical analysis of ‘bio-diversification’ strategies in agroforestry systems.
Dr John Weber:   Development of participatory strategies and networks for enrichment and sustainable management of tree biodiversity by farm and forest communities, the incorporation of indigenous knowledge into research and development actions; and institutional and local capacity building.
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